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Hiyaku Coaching is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of individuals and organizations by enhancing cultural awareness, strategic planning, and effective collaboration in a globalized world. Our three-step process is designed to guide you towards success in an international environment.

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John has run workshops for the newcomers and international students that connect with us. His workshops have been very helpful in explaining cultural expectations in Canadian workplaces. For anyone who feels lost and stuck in their career in Canada, I highly recommend working with John and Hiyaku Coaching.

Dinesh Sharma
Founder & CEO, Brilliant Minds Group

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Hi, I’m John

John Edward McGraw helps newcomers and businesses connect across cultures to succeed in less time and pain. He is the founder of Hiyaku Coaching, which is Japanese for “leap” or “rapid progress.”

John's passion for culture came from living and working in Japan for several years. He became a certified intercultural trainer to help newcomers and Canadian businesses reach across the cultural gap to succeed together.

John has worked with organizations such as JVS, BMG-Brilliant Minds Group, and the Toronto Business Development Centre’s Start-Up Visa Program.

He is also the host of the Intercultural Insiders livestream show and audio podcast, encouraging immigrants and other international guests to share their cross-cultural experiences.

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